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          I have just opened my private practice as an Education Specialist.  After over 20 years working with students with a variety of skill levels and academic challenges, I have decided to focus my energy on my practice here at Heter’s Haven.  I use the tag line, “Learning beyond Limits,” because that clearly shares my philosophy of education.  I believe as educators in is our responsibility for student to be able to achieve academically.  I now offer my services as a full time Education Specialist with the following services credentialed teacher, education consultant, homeschool coach, therapeutic tutor and tutor. 


          Being a public school teacher for many years, I developed a strong personal educational philosophy.  I learned that many students were not successful in the traditional academic system and did not fit into the normal mold.  I began searching for ways to help my students become successuful.  I received some wonderful experience working at a couple of continuation high schools.  As I worked with this these children, I found they often began to dislike school as early as first and second grade. I found this horrible.


When it was time for my first born, child to attend kindergarten, I realized that with his learning style, he would not be successful in the regular classroom.  He was a very active, precocious, and intelligent child with a flair for the dramatics.  He was certainly not the sit down and quietly do a workbook type of student. I did not what my delightfully creative and inquisitive child to have the same experience my student.  In addition, several of my teaching peers were teaching school all day and then going home to teach their kindergarteners because phonics was not being taught in our school district at the time.  I was not up to that type of life style.


          My experience in education created expectations of a quality environment for my son. I felt I knew what kind of situation would work best for my first born.  We just could not find it. I felt that my child’s educational needs would best be met in a small intimate educational haven.  So, I took a leave of absence from my public school career and we began our educational adventure.  We decided to provide a “home school” experience for a small group of children with a maximum of twelve students.  My wonderful husband built a classroom onto our home and in 1994 we opened Heter Haven Academy.  For the next 20 years, I provided education in with an individualized program for each and every student.  We have had a lot of success at our school.


          As the years went by I began getting phone calls from parents I did not know.  They had questions about schooling options and how to best educate their children. The questions I have been asked most often are on my frequently asked question page.


          I also began to give have given a tremendous amount of advice on learning disabilities, home schooling, foster parenting, adoption, and child training issues.  I am passionate about education and parenting.  I fervently believe that as parents we have to find the path that works best for our children.  One size does not fit all when it comes to education. So, now with my practice as an Education Specialist, I will be able to assist parents as they endeavor to help their children reach for their potential. 


          I believe that my services at Heter’s Haven will give me the opportunity to help more families on their educational adventure.  If you need personalized help deciding how to best educate your child, advice on curriculum choices, therapeutic tutoring for you struggling student, or help setting up your homeschool environment, I would love to offer my services.  

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Education Specailist:   Trina Heter

Business Manager: Duane Heter

Address:   3218 Las Quintas Way

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Phone: 1(530)645-2488

Email: trina@heter'shaven.com

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